For the last year, my life has been hijacked by my evil doppelgänger, Grumpella.

She is a grumpy, short tempered beast of a woman. Who does and says things that make me cringe. Grumpella is infamous for inflicting whiplash,on the people I love most, with her crazy mood swings.

She and her broomstick arrived at my house the day after Hurricane Menopause raged through my home town. I nicknamed the storm Mean-o-Pause because of the angry tenant it left in its wake.

To make matters worse, Grumpella’s melancholy twin sister Depressella arrived a few days later. These two uninvited, and equivocally unwanted, house guests have taken up residence in my once happy little home.

I must confess that hospitality is not one of my gifts on a good day. So having two, not so pleasant, house guests is a trying ordeal. And ordeal that I am not coping well with at all, to be frank.

In order to get some control back in my life and keep all my hair follicles in my head (instead of yanking out my hair), I decided to use creativity to defeat my irritating house guests. This blog is where I will fight my emotional battle with words, photographs, and artwork as my weapons.

I am sure my nosy, busybody houseguests Grumpella and Depressella will stick there ugly heads in here from time to time. But hopefully not too often!