Tonight, I gave back my engagement ring and changed my FB status to single.

And, i feel peaceful…


Tonight, I am very discouraged. I can’t seem to create any art lately or write. When I do create anything, I feel depressed afterwards.

I feel like I am negative all the time which is soooooo NOT me.

It’s like I am perpetually beaten down and spat upon. I am so blessed that I feel guilty admitting that’s how I feel right now. But it is…


Finally, got my bloodwork results. The good news is my new eating and exercise regimen has lowered my cholesterol enough that I don’t have to go on statins for the time being. The not so good news is my liver results were elevated and my kidney levels dropped down again. Thankfully, I am still in Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3.

I am praying for healing for my Kidney and Liver!

Sinful Songs

was lost, but now found.
some days – i don’t want to walk on hallowed ground.
my flesh begs to be fed.
while imperfect thoughts find ways to be said.

i know right from wrong.
yet, still i sing my sinful songs.
when will my mind return to what’s pure?
to be honest, i’m not really sure.

let my heart burn to be only Yours.
teach me to resist the world’s tasty lures.
help me to find my way back to “good.”
because it’s what i want, not because i should.

© 2018 the daughter

God’s Tempo

I just started reading Rhythms of Grace: Discovering God’s Tempo For Your Life. Oh my goodness, I think the author has been spying on me!! LOL

It’s like every word she has written was specifically written for me for this exact moment in my life.

I am so thankful that this book arrived on my doorstep in my monthly Faithbox package. You gotta love God’s perfect timing!!