The Pause

So, I have decided that meanopause – did I just write that in black and white? – is not going to get the upper hand in my life.  Yes, I am depressed.  Yes, I am grumpy.  Yes, I am mean.

But I refuse to let menopause to win!  So I have decided that once a week, I am going to choose to press the pause button on the menopausal symptoms in my life.  These posts will be tagged in my The Pause category.

I decided to start out slow and work my way up to more and more pressing of the pause button.  Once a week is a realistic goal for me to do a post in The Pause category.  To keep myself accountable to this once a week post, I have even made it a goal in the side-bar menu of my blog.

I truly believe that if we take pauses to find hope in the midst of chaos and pain we will open the door wider and wider for hope to become a regular resident in our lives.

I will keep a clickable list of The Pause posts here on this page for easy access:

Broken Crayons